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Mizmolko's icons

I want to touch the other side

Icon's by Mizmolko
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W E L C O M E;

5high is a joint community between mizmolko and fla14dh where we shall post icons, banners, fan vids etc..

If you want to be updated please friend and/or join this community NOT our personal Live Journals. Thanks.

001. Icons at 5high are listed HERE
002. Fan vids are listed HERE

Do you have any requests and/or suggestions?

Please read the rules before you take something.

R U L E S;

001. When taking my icons please credit mizmolko or 5high in the comment area. For everything else, please credit in your userinfo page.
002. Absolutely no hotlinking.
003. Don't modify textless icons.
004. Please comment with the number when you take something.
005. Comments make us squue
006. Friend/join this community for updates NOT our personal lj's.

R E S O U R C E S;

001. Resources page
002. Layout coding by: myljstuffhp_pens